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Police & Fire Public Information Officers

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PHOENIX — Public Information Officers for Police & Fire Dept.’s are getting “real world” media relations training, and social media training from media expert.

Chris Ryan, an internationally recognized media expert and instructor has created the 2-day ‘Media Relations for Law Enforcement.’ This intensive media training seminar for police chiefs, sheriffs, commanders, supervisors, spokespersons and other key law enforcement personnel.

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Media Relations for Law Enforcement

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Police Media Relations + Social Media

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  • Breaking News & Social Media
  • 5 must-have apps for your dept.
  • Tactical police media relations
  • Communicate more effectively with public & news media.
  • Manage your social media footprint
  • The “real story” behind the Trayvon Martin case
  • “New Normal” for Police & Public Safety
  • Do we really need a media policy?

Contact: e-mail or 602-445-6442

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